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The Bubolo Care Difference

Forget the typical healthcare routine! Bubolo Care offers a membership that creates a personalized wellness plan just for you, with your own Care Coordinator guiding you through medications, general practice checkups, discounted lifestyle medicine and support for your mental well-being all at our cost.

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General Practice

Personalized general practice care with routine check-ups in clinic or virtual appointments.
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Medication at Cost

Access affordable medications as part of your Bubolo Care membership.
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Lifestyle Medicine

Receive guidance on lifestyle changes and medicine to improve your overall health.
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Behavioral Health

Personalized behavior care with routine check-ups in clinic or virtual appointments.
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Care Coordinator

Personalized care coordination to maintain premium care.

Get Started with bubolo.care

How to get started with your bubolo.care membership

Step 1

Apply for Membership

The first step is to apply for your $99/monthly membership in our clinic or online. Apply HERE.

Step 2

Connect With Your Care Coordinator

Once you are approved, your Personal Care Coordinator will ensure every aspect of care is seamlessly managed through a relationship built on support and compassion.

Step 3

Begin Care Treatment

Unlock all the benefits offered to you as a new member at a fraction of the cost, including behavioral health visits, telemedicine consultations, Botox, skin care products, preventative care, and our top-rated weight loss program.

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bubolo.care Services

Access comprehensive care that prioritizes your well-being, helping you achieve today's goals while guiding you towards ongoing vitality and wellness.

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What's included in my membership?

Heart Icon Access to quality healthcare
Doctor Icon General Practice Visits
Weight Loss Icon Medical Weight Loss
Package Icon Lifestyle Medicine Packages
Prescription Icon Prescriptions at Cost
Products Icon Health and Skin Products
Brain Icon Behavioral Health
Aesthetics Icon Aesthetics Services at Cost
Phone Icon Telemedicine

Success Stories

David Reed
“All of the staff were great in their care of me. From reception, doctors, blood work, and post consultation. All were great. Take a bow!”



What is Bubolo Care? Plus Icon
Bubolo Care is a health and wellness membership that comes with a personalized wellness plan just for you, with your own Care Coordinator guiding you through medications, general practice checkups, discounted lifestyle medicine and support for your mental well-being all at our cost.
How much is the membership? Plus Icon
The Bubolo Care membership costs $99 per month.
How long is the membership commitment? Plus Icon
After an initial 12-month commitment, your membership becomes month-to-month. This means you'll have full flexibility to cancel after the first year.
What services are treated under general practice? Plus Icon
Bubolo Care offers virtual consultations with U.S.-licensed clinicians (MDs or NPs) for common illnesses like colds, sore throats, sinus infections, UTIs, pink eye, skin rashes, and hypertension. These consultations come with a flat fee of $20 per visit.
What services are offered virtually? Plus Icon
Bubolo Care offers virtual services including routine checkups, mental health visits, medical weight loss, chronic disease management, and much more.
What medications are offered through Bubolo Care? Plus Icon
We offer a wide range of medications for common conditions and lifestyle needs at our cost, plus a $5 dispensing fee, that's all! This transparent pricing applies to medications for high blood pressure, allergies, chronic diseases, weight management, hormone imbalances, and sexual health. No hidden charges! Note: Controlled substances are excluded.
What is a Care Coordinator? Plus Icon
Your Care Coordinator is a healthcare professional dedicated to managing your Bubolo Care experience. They ensure seamless communication between you and your provider and they take a proactive approach to your overall health.
What are lifestyle medications? Plus Icon
Bubolo Care offers a comprehensive selection of lifestyle treatments beyond traditional medications. These treatments address weight management, hormone imbalances, sexual health concerns, and even some aesthetic goals. Consider them valuable tools to empower your personalized wellness journey.
What if I need blood work? Plus Icon
Most tests are done at our clinics. If needed, your Care Coordinator can arrange discounted lab orders at nearby LabCorp locations. This ensures you get the tests you require at a cost-effective Bubolo Care rate.
Does Bubolo Care accept health insurance? Plus Icon
No. Bubolo Care operates on a transparent pricing model with a flat monthly membership fee. This allows us to bypass the complexities of insurance billing and it allows us to offer lower costs to our members.
I see you offer behavioral health visits. Can you tell me more? Plus Icon
Absolutely! Bubolo Care prioritizes your mental well-being. We offer in person and virtual consultations with a licensed therapist, providing convenient access to address a range of concerns like anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship issues. These sessions are $60 each as a Bubolo Care member instead of the standard rate of $140.
What if I have an emergency? Plus Icon
Bubolo Care is not equipped to handle medical emergencies. If you experience a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

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